Vocal Acrobats
Kidz Vocal Acrobats
Drama Masterclasses
Individual and group sessions

Vocal Acrobats

Sing with agility and dynamics! With the international performer and vocal coach Frankie McCoy you will experience “FUN”, intense vocal training designed for professionals singers.

Vocal Acrobats is a unique coaching concept developed to elevate your vocal dynamics and activate your own personal vocal style. With an emphasis on self-awareness for singers and public speakers alike, this method of vocal training helps to achieve greater vocal capability and empowers your transition to center stage.

On your way to becoming a vocal acrobat you will receive simplified vocal training in the following categories:

  • Vocal technique
    (breathing / pitch control / timing and dynamics)
  • Vocal physiology
    (sound production / how it works / free your voice of tension)
  • Vocal agility
    (knowing your range and maneuvering low to high-end skillfully and vocal break prevention)
  • Stage presence
    (self awareness, lyrical assessment, audience relation and Mic technique)
  • Tricks of the Trade
    (skillfully sing vocal runs, embellishments, vibrato and adlibs)
  • Body consciousness
    (kinesis and alignment)

Vocal Acrobats can accommodate:

  • Masterclasses
  • Individual sessions
  • Group sessions
  • Band Coaching

Kidz Vocal Acrobats

Regardless of talent level, Kidz Vocal Acrobats is a masterclass series that helps children find and develop their voices through simplified techniques, skills, and fun exercises that children can relate to. The masterclass is intended to boost children’s vocal confidence, team working skills and enhance their performing abilities. Kidz Vocal Acrobats is a modified version of the original Vocal Acrobats masterclass.

The masterclass will be led by international performer and vocal coach Frankie McCoy.

The focus of the sessions will be on providing a fun but structured learning environment, boosting confidence and performing abilities using vocal training techniques and exercises appropriate to each age group. Each student will receive individual attention within the session.

Sessions will last 2 hours with a maximum of 12 students per class.

Masterclass programme

  • Vocal assessment discovering your range by way of vocal warm ups
  • Body warm up
  • Breathing technique
  • Speech level singing – finding your true voice from speaking to singing
  • Basic sound possibilities: chest voice, mixed voice, head voice
  • Vocal dynamics, singing in neutral, overdrive and belting
  • Team work
  • The song
  • Melody vs rhythm
  • Improvisations
  • Body percussion

Drama Masterclasses

Join international drama / vocal coach Frankie McCoy for an intense 2 hour drama masterclass! Vocal Acrobats will teach you the skills needed to strengthen your acting abilities, build your personal style and transition you to centre stage. This masterclass is suitable for schools, drama groups, corporate team building events and individuals.

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